In an effort to reduce the impact of natural disasters for predefined locations, HCA has turned to StormGeo for severe storm/weather forecasts, alerts, monitoring and notification services. StormGeo services also include a customized web site specific to HCA. HCA utilizes the TropicsWatch and StormWatch services which provide advance warning and information regarding any tropical storms or severe weather.
Some other features StormGeo provides include:

  • Latest news of any significant disturbances via email
  • Weather updates appear on HCA's personalized StormGeo tropical web page
  • The ability to look up wind profiles by city, zip code, or latitude/longitude for any location in the path of a storm
  • A storm surge map displaying rainfall graphics
  • Access to a 24-hour hotline that allows HCA to speak directly with a meteorologist and even schedule a conference call with a hurricane expert

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