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    Whenever the HCA community faces adversity, our coworkers and colleagues step up to help. If you are an HCA-affiliated employee who has been affected by the May storms and flooding in middle Tennessee, the HCA Hope Fund is available to assist you. Please reach out to your facility Hope Fund Leader (see the list of leaders below) to apply for assistance if you have been displaced from your home or experienced significant damage. Your Hope Fund Leader can walk you through the process, help you download and complete the application, and get it to the right people for quick review. Even if you have been a recipient of a Hope Fund grant within the past twelve months; if you experienced loss due to the storms, you are encouraged to re-apply. Given the severity of this situation, the Hope Fund’s Board has agreed to relax certain eligibility restrictions for grant recipients.   
    We also know many employees who were not immediately affected by the disaster are eager to help. Tax-free donations to the Hope Fund or the Red Cross are welcomed and can be made at www.HCAHopeFund.org or www.nashvilleredcross.org respectively. While cash is most important during times of crisis, you also can donate your time and volunteer through the Red Cross or Hands On Nashville (see links below). 

    Hope Exchange Pairs Those Wanting Help and Those Wanting to Help

    As our co-workers begin to recover from the flood, the support and tangible assistance of caring colleagues helps sustain them. We are pleased to announce additional means available to give and receive help. The Hope Exchange, a micro site of HCA Code Ready, is a new interactive forum where individuals can post current needs and colleagues can quickly respond. It’s a simple concept; someone requests an item or service and a colleague provides it. The Exchange is a resource of FREE services, assistance, and volunteerism among employees of both TriStar and the Corporate Office. Any business solicitation is prohibited.

    To access the Exchange, click on the icon below and follow the instructions to login.

    HCA Hope Exchange.jpg

    Middle Tennessee Facility Hope Fund Leaders
    Centennial – Reigen Lemelle
    Hendersonville – Jennifer Burden
    Horizon – Sheila Kight
    Skyline – Andy Hooper
    Skyline Madison Campus – Kreg Arnold
    Southern Hills – Gary Briggs
    Stonecrest – Cynthia Adams
    Summit – Teresa Atnip
    Shared Services for Physicians (SS for Physicians) – Keven Palmissano
    SSC/PAS – Samantha Bouler
    Physician Services (HCAPS) – Patty Carver
    SCRI – Susan Markel
    Supply Chain – Junico Goode
    MSC – Tammy Reynolds
    Corporate Office – Pat Brooks
    www.hcahopefund.org - Hope Fund applications can be downloaded and forwarded to your facility Hope Fund Leader. Help is available to HCA employees, their spouses and dependent children for the purpose of assistance with food, housing, clothing, and significant damage to vehicles and homes.
    www.nashvilleredcross.org - Individuals who participated in the basic “Join the 10,000” training are invited to contact the Red Cross and serve as shelter volunteers. The Nashville Area Red Cross is also in need of financial support to continue providing relief to victims of local flooding.  Visit the Web site and click DONATE NOW to make an online gift, mail your check to the Nashville Area Red Cross at 2201 Charlotte Avenue, Nashville, TN 37203, or you call (615) 250-4300 to make a donation by phone.  
    http://www.hon.org   Individuals who participated in the basic “Join the 10,000” training are invited to contact the Red Cross and serve as a shelter volunteer. Others can sign up to volunteer at the Hands On Nashville site and will be deployed as needed.
    (800) 434-5100   HCA-affiliated employees and their families have access to an Employee Assistance Program (EAP), a confidential counseling and referral service providing personal, legal and financial services. These services can help individuals deal with a wide variety of life’s challenges that could affect their health, relationships and/or job effectiveness. Whether the issue is large or small, you can contact the Employee Assistance Program for assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
    (615) 250-4250   American Red Cross continues relief efforts for residents displaced by recent flooding across Middle and West Tennessee and is currently operating 18 emergency shelters throughout the region.  Persons with disaster-caused needs are encouraged to call the Red Cross at to find an emergency shelter and talk about assistance that might be available.

     (615) 862-8574 – Metro’s Community Hotline (non-emergency)
    Area Shelters
    Shrine Temple, located at 1354 Brick Church Pike
    Bellevue Middle School, 655 Colice-Jeanne Road
    Jewish Community Center, 801 Percy Warner Boulevard near Bellevue; and 
    Lipscomb University’s Student Activities Building (NOTE: Lipscomb shelter reached capacity Monday)
    Sheraton Nashville Downtown is offering rooms and special rates for flood victims. Call Matt at 615-742-6051

    For additional resource documents, scroll down to the Files section. 

    Employee Disaster Help Line


    Paycheck Information No changes to report
    Payroll Direct- Deposit Form No changes to report
    Employee Assistance Program ValueOptions 1-800-434-5100
    HCA Hope Fund  
    Contribute (by check) to employees needing help,
    or Apply for financial assistance from the Hope Fund
    www.HCAHopeFund.org  or
    Donation Form
    If your hardship is related to the recent flooding in middle Tennessee, you may submit your application directly to your facility Hope Fund coordinator or the Hope Fund staff by faxing the completed form to 1-866-337-4354.  If you do not have access to the web or a fax machine, you may complete your application over the phone by calling 1-877-857-HOPE (4673).

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